Fresh Juice Blender

Fresh Juice Blender
Fresh Juice Blender
Fresh Juice Blender
Fresh Juice Blender
Fresh Juice Blender

Fresh Juice Blender

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The  Fresh Juice Blender - Fresh Portable Blender is powerful and versatile, giving you the ability to blend your favorite shakes and smoothies wherever you are.

  • EASY TO USE - Simply fill with your favorite ingredients, seal the top and bottom, and press the button to blend. 
  • DURABLE & POWERFUL - Stainless steel blades and a powerful motor turn frozen fruits, ice, nuts, leafy greens, and more into the perfect smoothie in 30 seconds.
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE YOU GO - Fresh Juice Blender's sleek, lightweight, and compact design allows you to conveniently blend your favorite smoothies anywhere you go.
  • DROP RESISTANT Made with BPA-free plastic, we offer an aesthetic look without sacrificing durability and strength.
  • WIRELESS CHARGING - Just place the blender on the magnet-assisted charging pad and it will begin to charge. One charge lasts for 12+ blends & recharges quickly.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Fast and simple cleaning. Just add soap, water, and blend! Watch as it cleans itself then rinse afterward. We recommend washing with warm soapy water immediately after use.


Make Smoothies On the Go

Blend anything you want, anywhere you want. Fresh Juice Blender's lightweight design matched with its wireless technology gives you the freedom to create your favorite smoothies and enjoy them on the go. Whether you bring it to the beach or to the office, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.


 Your Health Comes First

Your health is your greatest wealth. Invest early. A healthy body gives you the strength and energy you need to achieve the best results in every aspect of your life. Being able to sleep at night, feel excellent before leaving the house, and feel confident each day is the main meaning of happiness.


Easy to Clean

The worst part about making your favorite drinks and smoothies is when you have to clean afterward.

The Fresh Juice Blender is extremely easy to clean. All you need to do is fill it with water, add dish soap, blend it, rinse it out, and then it's ready to be used again!



Step 1

Set the Blend It Bottle upside down and twist to remove the bottom.

Step 2

Add your favorite ingredients into your Blend It Bottle. Make sure not to fill liquids passed 3/4 of the bottle.


Step 3

Firmly attach the bottom of your Blend It Bottle back on and double-tap the power button.

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